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 ¿Qué personaje de higurashi no naku eres?

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Misaki Ayuzawa
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Aries Perro
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MensajeTema: ¿Qué personaje de higurashi no naku eres?   Miér Dic 03, 2008 8:39 pm

hola!! OwO
aqui está el link^^

MUAHAHA como era de suponer a mi me salio rena y a la primera :lagrimas:
jaja :[D:
You are Rena Ryuugu!
You are a particularly STRANGE girl, based on the fact that you want to take anything or anyone cute home with you on contact.
You tend to believe in what others say based on if its plausible or not~ which may or may not be your downfall.
Rena has experienced loss in her life, and because of that she are extremely protective of her family. So protective that she would even take anothers life to preserve their peace.
At times you are overly suspicious and paranoid of your surroundings, but that is all for good reason.
Be glad your such a unique kid~ :3

Ma Feisbuk
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Amuto *-*

Cáncer Gallo
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MensajeTema: Re: ¿Qué personaje de higurashi no naku eres?   Sáb Dic 06, 2008 2:39 am

jajaja xD yo soy :

You are Satoko Houjou!
You are a spunky girl with a dark past. You have been abused and put through many misfortunes, but despite that you have lived no matter what the obstacle.
You have a bit of an ego, and like to pretend your strong when you really want to cry.
You like to brag, and are very competitive if need be.
Satoko is a strong and sweet little girl, no matter what she's been put through she's braved it all.
Be glad your like such a sweetie~
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Hizaki Yuki

Aries Cerdo
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MensajeTema: Re: ¿Qué personaje de higurashi no naku eres?   Miér Dic 24, 2008 2:09 am

No he visto este anime aun :nusé: pero me salio que soy

You are Mion Sonozaki!
Your a spunky girl with a bit of an attitude at times. Slightly boyish, you want to express your girlish side, but cant due to circumstances.
You are shy at times, and behind your strong mask, you are a caring girl who looks after others.
Mion likes to run the show, but thats only because she wants to protect them.
Be glad your like such a spunky girl~ ^_~

Matta ne :)
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Escorpio Perro
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comentario : lo mejor es el anime manga y doramas xD

MensajeTema: Re: ¿Qué personaje de higurashi no naku eres?   Miér Feb 11, 2009 4:41 am


You are Keiichi Maebara!
Your generally a fun, kind hearted and playful guy. A tad bit of a pervert at some points, but you consider that only natural. You're the new guy in town, but you're used to moving so you have adjusted quickly to your new surroundings.
Keiichi is normally quite sane, but when put under abnormal conditions, he can become extremely paranoid---to a violent degree---and may commit violent acts that will in turn ruin his life.
Sometimes you may be tempted to pull off the perfect crime to save those precious to you, but usually your common sense prevents you from doing so, unless you are under forced conditions.
Keiichi is a good, perverted guy, be glad your like him! : D

no entendi mucho este thest xD
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Reiko Mochizuki

León Mono
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comentario : El bello brillo de la sangre carmesi con la luz de la luna es tan hermoso *risa enferma*

MensajeTema: Re: ¿Qué personaje de higurashi no naku eres?   Mar Ago 04, 2009 11:03 am

Muajajajajaja I'll kill you bastards!!!!! XD strella

You are Shion Sonozaki!
You can be kind, playful, and optimistic...but when your lover disapears... you go insane and kill everyone you think was involved and "avenge" him.
Shion is a caring person, but when set off or put under a certain curse, she can be one of the most diabolical Higurashi no Naku Koro ni characters to date.
Your actions could be considered evil or good by the beholder, no matter what you do, you intend to pay the price for your deeds with everything.
You are a good person at heart, despite these bloodied sins.
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Acuario Cerdo
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MensajeTema: Re: ¿Qué personaje de higurashi no naku eres?   Dom Oct 09, 2011 5:19 am

Rika Furude!
You are a very cute and honest girl, but underneath your little exterior lies a mature woman in a childs bodie.
You have lived many times, over and over again. You have much experience, despite your age and small apearance.
You love to be cute and be with your friends, but when they need protecting, you show your true self and try your best to save them from danger.
Rika is a very smart girl, but usually puts on a little girls mask. She wants to protect her friends no matter what, and above all, she wants to LIVE happily with her friends to see the end of her life naturally.
Be glad your such a sweet kid~ :3

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MensajeTema: Re: ¿Qué personaje de higurashi no naku eres?   

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¿Qué personaje de higurashi no naku eres?
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